The Main Types Of Laminated Glass

- Nov 30, 2016-

  At present, there are two main methods of production: film (dry) and grouting (wet), but the current dry production is the mainstream. Classification of laminated glass: 1. Bullet-proof glass. Is composed of a number of different thickness of the transparent plate glass and multi-chip PVB film combination. This glass has a high toughness, when the bullet comes into contact with the glass, their impact may be weakened to a very low level or zero, it can not penetrate. General bullet-proof glass can be used as a military defense, bank counters guard glass, gold and silver jewelry and other valuables display cabinets. 2. Anti-riot anti-theft alarm glass. This is a transparent and high strength glass, with simple tools simply can not destroy it, can effectively prevent the occurrence of theft. It is usually made of multi-layer high-strength organic transparent material and laminated layer made of glass composite materials, in order to give early warning performance, glue layer can also be sandwiched metal mesh, and buried with visible light, infrared, temperature, pressure Sensors and alarm devices. Mainly used for bank vaults, weapons warehouses, cultural relics and exhibition cabinets, valuables counters and so on. 3. Fire-resistant glass. Is a new type of building functional materials. Has good light transmission performance and fire retardant properties. Fire-resistant laminated glass according to the production process can be divided into composite fire-resistant glass and perfusion-type fire-resistant .

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