The Original Film Prices Will Continue To Rise In The Short Term It?

- Mar 10, 2017-

The original film prices will continue to rise in the short term it?

     Since June this year, most of the glass deep-processing enterprises are asking, where the original film glass? Is the price a day? Do we have a lot of inventory?

A series of problems are all reflected in the original film market this year, the original film inventory continued to fall, prices continued to soar!

       At the beginning of the month, Wuhu Xinyi raised the offer twice. At this stage, although the mainstream of the original price of 3.2mm rose to 22 yuan / square meter, but the lower acceptance of the poor, the price increase

Small, mainstream turnover at 21.5 yuan / square meter; 3.2mm steel sheet by the smaller value of the impact of the majority of manufacturers production is low, only a few steel factory to maintain supply. With the market demand

Of the reduction, the price of space is limited, is expected in the next few months, rising turnover stable at 30 yuan / square meter. As the downstream power plant project demand is still, 3.2mm coated glass

Glass shipping in good condition, the transaction price continues 33 yuan / square meter. Vertical and horizontal compared to the same period last year, the price, the current film has risen about 30%.

      Consumers have to ask, why this year will sudden price increases? There was no sign before. According to statistics, the past two years, the glass industry overcapacity, so many companies eat

Bitterness, and this year's glass "crazy" price increases, so that many of the original film manufacturers benefit from tasted the sweetness after the natural win. Regardless of domestic enterprises or export enterprises, this year

The second half are greatly improved the original film sales price. The original film prices rose sharply, for deep processing enterprises is really in dire straits. At this stage, glass processing plants

Of the profit margins have been completely squeezed, invested in this industry investors greatly reduce the interest, but it is also consistent with the country to remove the low value-added business capacity trends, the same way

Reason, prices will inevitably accelerate the reshuffle of the glass industry, for those high energy consumption and low value-added enterprises, is usually boil day count.

      The price tide, is expected to end early next year, the impact of price increases, the short term will affect most of the small and medium-sized processing enterprises.

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