The Price Of Electrochromic Glass

- Nov 16, 2016-

 Over the past two years, with the economic level of the overall improvement and development of people's daily life is more and more toward technology, intelligent new areas of smart home in the electronic control of color glass is the current and future new darling, such as Remote control electronic curtains generally convenient, but no cumbersome curtains cumbersome, just a touch of a switch or remote control can effectively protect personal space privacy, no noise, energy saving, simple decoration is also significant high-end atmosphere, then the number of electronic control glass Money a square it?

   Shenzhen Zeelang ultra-white smart glass the recent market price is 1100-1400 yuan a square range, power transmission rate of up to 83%, compared with the industry cost-effective, clean appearance, reliable performance and perfect after-sales service guarantee, And I will further enhance the Secretary for intelligent technology, mobile phone APP to give priority to zero-conversion dimmer at any time, has received several hotel project cut off, sanitary works, year-on-year price better.

   About the thickness of 5 + pdlc film +5 mm, 6 + pdlc film +6 mm, the most commonly used, the largest single-chip size 1800 * 2800mm, according to customer specific needs custom size, the original price of glass every day

Adjustment, the corresponding price of the number of smart glass has a floating, but Zeelang as a manufacturer for new and old customers have one of the largest concessions, welcomed the inquiry.

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