The Principle Of Bulletproof Glass

- Nov 03, 2016-

The principle of "bulletproof" glass

Do you know how bullet-proof glass is bulletproof? Let's look at the following: Bullet-proof glass is in the ordinary glass layer in the folder of polycarbonate material layer, polycarbonate glass material layer can absorb the energy of the bullet, so as to prevent it through the glass inner layer. Polycarbonate is a rigid transparent plastic - it is commonly referred to by its brand (Lexan, Tuffak or Cyrolon). The thickness of the bulletproof glass is between 7mm and 75mm. The bullets on the bulletproof glass will break down the outer glass, but the polycarbonate glass layer absorbs the energy of the bullet, preventing it from penetrating the inner glass.

Bullet-proof glass bullet-proof capability depends on the thickness of the glass. Rifle bullets impact the glass intensity is much larger than the pistol bullets, so the bullet-proof bullets rifle bullets than only the bullet-proof bullet-proof bullets to much more bullet-proof glass.

 Modern society, with the improvement of security awareness, bullet-proof glass gradually accepted by the people.

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