The Production Process Of Ceramic Glass.

- Dec 19, 2016-

In the whole manufacturing process in the process of ceramic glass should pay special attention to three points:

1, accurate determination of different silicate glass products the best nucleation temperature  : the best nucleation temperature be determined by the melt viscosity, melt viscosity, the nucleation is difficult, and slowly;If the melt viscosity is small, the nucleation is easy, but also easy to cause the nuclear merge, the decrease in the number of nuclear, generally, the best viscosity between 1011 ~ 1012, the best nucleation temperature too cold freezing point (T, N) + 30 ℃ to 50 ℃, in actual production, the temperature can be determined by certain procedures, such as bead penetration method, crystal nucleus statistics and production status identification method.

2, control the best nucleation time: if the time is too long, crystal nucleus merge, result in less number of crystal nucleus, nucleus is too large;If the time is too short, easy cause incomplete nuclear, less number of crystal nucleus.

3, strictly control the rate of crystallization temperature and the highest temperature point: crystallization melting point higher than the same glass, crystallization of softening point is higher than the same glass, heating up fast, small number of products microtek phase, products are prone to deformation, heating up slowly, crystal nucleus merge.In general, the highest temperature of crystallization point softening temperature (H T) for the same glass plus 30 ℃ to 50 ℃, from the best nucleation temperature and crystallization temperature of the heating rate of 5 ℃ / min.

Simple process for its production process: raw material choice to cooperate to burden preparation, raw material melting - cooling - (amorphous) the best nucleation temperature under constant temperature crystallization --  the ceramic glass - quality - products (qualified).


In the process of production and after some work system, can produce into ceramic glass and optical fiber material, engineering and function, such as glass, glass products, form a diversified production system, output diversified varieties.


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