The Prospect Of Smart Glass Market

- Oct 20, 2016-


The Prospect of smart Glass Market

  "Switchable glass" is a widely used "smart glass". Due to external stimuli, such as heat, light, or voltage, its optical transmission characteristics change. The first launch was in 1986. The popularity of smart glass can be attributed to its efficiency, reliability and durability.

The global smart glass market is divided in application, technology and geography. On the basis of the application, the global smart glass market is divided into electronics, construction, power generation, transportation, and others. According to market estimates, the construction market in the global smart glass market, the largest share. The building sector includes residential and commercial buildings.

Smart glass is not easy to let light and heat through, so mostly used for partitions, windows, skylights, residential and commercial building gates. The transportation sector also saw significant growth in the global smart glass market. In the aerospace sector, Boeing pioneered the introduction of intelligent windows.

Smart glass is characterized by high efficiency and energy saving. This is one of the main factors driving several governments to encourage the use of such glass products. Smart glass maintenance costs are low, because it has automatic dimming, self-cleaning characteristics.

Nowadays, the automotive and construction industry is the biggest consumer of intelligent glass products. These products are also used in the vertical industry, solar power generation, and electronics.

In terms of production capacity and consumption, Europe and North America are the biggest contributors to the global smart glass market. At present, North America leads the global smart glass market. According to market forecasts, by 2020, Europe will become a strong competitor in North America.

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