The Purchase Of Tempered Glass Guide

- Dec 14, 2016-

Toughened glass is a deep-processed glass product made by cutting, edging, washing, drying and then heating it to near glass softening temperature according to product requirements, and immediately cooling it.

Building tempered glass is China's national certification and accreditation supervision and management committee mandatory certification of safety glass products. Consumers in the purchase of building with tempered glass, should note the following:

1.Look at the appearance of quality checks

View the appearance of the product quality. Toughened glass should not have cracks, missing angle; burst edge and scratch should not exceed GB15763.2-2005 standard requirements. At the same time, the production of glass used in the original glass, the quality should be consistent with the requirements of the corresponding product standards, glass defects caused by the original glass of the appearance of quality defects should meet the corresponding product standards.

In addition, to see the flatness of flat glass. For flat tempered glass products, GB15763.2-2005 standard arc bending should not exceed 0.3%, wave bending should not exceed 0.2%.

2.Look at the signs check certificate

Since 2003 to carry out safety glass product certification, the majority of the building toughened glass production enterprises have adopted the product certification, the enterprise must sell the product body on the silk screen or paste the 3C logo, or in its minimum packaging and accompanying documents (Such as a certificate of competency) in the 3C signs. When you buy products, you should first check whether there are 3C signs, and check whether the manufacturers of the products have passed the compulsory product certification (3C certificate and valid) according to the enterprise information, factory number or product certification. Whether the specification is valid for the status of the certificate within the capability of the enterprise to pass the compulsory certification.

3.Inspection of product inspection reports

Building toughened glass as the impact of personal and property safety products, has been listed as the focus of government supervision and inspection, regular manufacturers to accept supervision by the periodic inspection department. Therefore, manufacturers should be able to provide a quality inspection department issued a test report, otherwise, the quality of the product on the lack of good or bad basis.    

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