The Role And Application Of Laminated Glass

- Apr 22, 2017-

The role and application of laminated glass

Laminated glass is two or more than two glass glass with a layer or layers of polyvinyl alcohol shrink in the aldehyde film (PVB) by pressure and heating combination. Since the PVB film in the glass is very close to the glass itself, the laminated glass can maintain the same purity and transparency as the ordinary glass. When the glass is broken, its debris naturally binds to the PVB film, so this is a safe type of glass.

PVB interlayer film glass can be group of sound waves, to maintain a quiet, comfortable office environment. Its unique filter UV function, which can protect people's skin health, but also make the home of precious furniture, exhibits and so on to get rid of faded doom. He can also weaken the transmission of sunlight, reduce the cooling energy consumption.

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