The Superior Performance Of Laminated Glass

- Apr 25, 2017-

The superior performance of laminated glass

1, safety: in the impact by the external force, because the elastic layer of the role of the impact of absorption, can prevent the impact of material penetration, even if the glass is broken, can only produce spider-like crushed crack, its debris sticky In the middle layer, you can avoid the glass fragments caused by personal injury or property damage. Whether it is installed vertically or tilted, it can withstand the impact of external penetration, and the whole piece of glass to maintain integrity, can continue to withstand the impact and shelter until the replacement.


2, anti-theft (anti-penetration): PVB laminated glass is very tough, even if the thieves will be broken glass, because the middle layer of glass firmly attached together, still remain holistic, so that thieves can not enter the room, Property has a protective effect. The standard "two-in-one" glass can withstand the penetration of the general external impact, even if it is strong damage to the opening, the opening is also very small. Once destroyed, the middle layer can still protect the building until the glass is replaced.


3, the sound insulation: glass is an ancient iron material, is not an effective sound barrier, if the noise through the glass conduction, the indoor people have an impact; because PVB film has a damping function of the sound waves, laminated glass can effectively suppress noise Spread.


4, anti-ultraviolet function: In the window design, natural light conduction plays a very important role, but too much sunlight will lead to too high heat, laminated glass has a variety of stable coloring, PVB film can absorb 99% of the UV , Which helps to protect precious furniture, wall charts, exhibits or goods from UV radiation and fade. Most of the absorbed energy is dissipated by re-radiation and convection.

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