The Technical Requirements Of Wired Glass

- Dec 03, 2016-

The technical requirements

 1. Silk screen for wired glass used in wire mesh and metal thread is divided into ordinary steel wire and special wire two kinds, ordinary steel wire diameter is 0.4 mm or more, or special steel wire diameter is 0.3 mm and above.Clamp wire mesh glass should be used after processing of spot welding wire mesh.
2. The length and width dimension deviation allowable deviation of plus or minus 4.0 mm.
3. The bending
3.1 wire embossed glass should be within 1.0%.
3.2 wire polished glass should be within 0.5%.
4. A convex glass edge, gap, lack of projection Angle and the deflection of glass edge, gap size shall not exceed 6 mm, the size of the deviation shall not be more than 4 mm.A piece of glass allows only there is a lack of Angle, the depth of the missing Angle should not exceed 6 mm.

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