The Transmittance Of AR Glass

- Nov 10, 2016-

The transmittance of AR glass

 High transparency and AR reflection are two advantages of AR glass, the principle is to high-quality glass single or double-sided process, the use of different optical material film interference effect to eliminate the incident light and reflected light, thereby increasing the transmittance Method, when the light from the light-emitting substances into the light-dense material, the reflected light will be half-wave loss, AR coating on the glass surface of the reflected light than the film front surface of the optical path difference is exactly half a wavelength difference, The film before and after the two surfaces of the reflected light cancel, which is equivalent to increase the transmission of light energy. And both sides of the glass can simultaneously reduce the reflection effect by coating both sides of the glass at the same time. AR glass transmittance in the end is how much?Do you know?

    AR glass transmittance in a peak can reach 99%, high reflectance  glass with ordinary glass has a lower reflectivity compared to the light reflectivity reduced to below 1%, ordinary glass in the visible range , Its unilateral reflectivity is about 4%, the total spectral reflectivity is about 8%.

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