There Are Three Reasons For The Formation Of Bubbles In Laminated Glass

- Nov 01, 2016-

There are three reasons for the formation of bubbles in laminated glass

Because laminated glass with heat resistance, impact resistance, safety,so it is widely used in the construction field. Laminated glass process is more complex, the production of higher quality control requirements, the quality of finished products there is a greater possibility of defects. Bubble is the most common and most troublesome quality of laminated glass. Glass bubble several factors are the temperature, time, glass redox state.

Temperature: the temperature of the glass directly affects the viscosity of glass, surface tension, and gas solubility in the glass. .

Time: the growth and disappearance of large bubbles in the glass and the absorption of small bubbles in the molten glass must be done in a specific temperature range and in a specific time range.

Glass redox state: the choice of clarifying agent on glass redox state of a greater impact, clarification agent in 1300above to promote the disappearance of the process of glass bubbles.

The bubble has been produced laminated glass, the first to identify the cause, what is the cause of the targeted measures taken.

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