Tinted Glass On The Body A Hundred Victims

- Nov 10, 2016-

Tinted glass on the body a hundred victims

 Glass in our lives can be seen everywhere, widely used, their own living glass is a prudent choice, there must be a class of glass shut out, commonly known as "colored glass", also known as endothermic glass. Generally able to block about 50% of solar radiation, such as 6 mm thick blue glass can be 50% of the sunlight, while the brown, bronze heat-absorbing glass can only 25% of the sunlight. Its harm to the body no harm.

  First of all, due to poor light transmittance, should play a sterilization, disinfection, in addition to taste the role of the sun, these colored glass block out half.

 Secondly, people see the light by the seven-color light and infrared, ultraviolet and other light synthesis. Sunlight through the ordinary glass, people accept a full-color light. The colored glass is not.

Sapphire blue glass, for example, when the sun through, and "complementary" red, orange and so will be glass absorption, only a short wavelength of light, resulting in object color distortion. Long-term living in such an environment, people will decline in visual resolution, and even cause mental disorders and personality distortions. In the growth and development of children, the greater the harm, because the retina is not full-color light stimulation, likely to cause visual hypoplasia.

    Once again, the summer, many households installed screens, the light transmission rate of about 70%, if matched with colored glass, the light transmission rate of only 35%, will affect the indoor lighting requirements. Tinted glass is too harmful to the human body, it is recommended to use more insulating glass, laminated glass, or low radiation glass (dimming glass), avoid purple, green, brown, blue and other colored glass for a long time will damage human health, And even cause some diseases.

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