To Celebrate The Self-owned Folder Furnace Equipment Debugging Success

- Nov 21, 2016-

To celebrate the self-owned folder furnace equipment debugging success

November for Zeelang glass is a very memorable month. In this month, bear the brunt of our sales team in the 10th before the completion of this month sales targets of success. Then came the good news from the production sector, in late September this year, the procurement of vacuum clamping furnace equipment is also fully successful debugging, began to officially put into operation.

       Into 2016, the company produced the plastic products out to the customer, there are always such and such problems, the impact of quality often receive customer complaints. The company leading group comprehensive analysis of the reasons later attributed to the previous equipment is too old, resulting in plastic out of the glass bubble, yellowing and other obvious appearance quality problems. Painstakingly determined to re-purchase a new folder of plastic furnace. September, after the folder back to the plant furnace, after two months of commissioning, production, and integrated customer feedback and other areas, and finally able to boldly announced that the commissioning is successful, officially put into operation folder folder. Since September, after the completion of the new folder furnace equipment, the previously problematic products for all customers to re-do once to the customer, before the various problems suddenly changed significantly, customers can not help but praise that "should have been so, You see the production of laminated glass is now more beautiful! Fortunately, not too late, customers get sure, for us is very pleased.

      The introduction of the new folder is mainly vacuum folder folder furnace, the equipment imported from Germany, heating fast, uniform heat, low energy consumption, simple operation. In short, the working principle is through high-temperature extrusion method, two or more pieces of glass through the EVA film closely bonded together to produce the perfect laminated glass. The equipment mainly has the furnace body, the power source control system, the rubber table and so on main body constitution. Furnace with all-steel structure, furnace use of two imported insulation materials together to form a dual protection. Power control system is also intelligent, more accurate than the previous manual adjustment of the temperature, time is more accurate. Compared to the previous old equipment, it is now able to produce larger size laminated glass. After the new folder on-line furnace, whether it is laminated glass or dimming glass , the largest size can do 2440 * 1830 MM. Compared to the previous 2200 * 1830MM, the single-chip glass size increased by 20MM. The maximum arc for up to 400MM, the thickness of the glass can accept the most 36MM. Molding cycle of about 40-120 minutes. The cycle is shorter than the previous half an hour or so. In the debugging stage, we also made a test, while making 1 * 1M, 4 + EVA +4 MM thickness of the glass folder glass, the old equipment required time is 86 minutes, the new folder furnace only only 54 Minutes to shape the. Saving 32 minutes. If the day calculation, the new equipment, probably more than 500 square meters of molding laminated glass. Greatly shorten delivery. Production capacity from the previous day production of 100 square meters laminated plastic glass, all of a sudden to 400 square meters a day. 4 times the efficiency increase does not say, non-performing rate decreased by 20%. Director to see such a result, every day laughed

        With the new equipment officially put into operation, whether it is delivery or product quality, have been a fundamental upgrade. In the next time, Zeelang's R & D team will also experiment with the production of folder glass, folder Juan glass effect, I hope the new equipment can not afford to care, continue to produce satisfactory and efficient products


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