To Prevent Sandwich Glass Exposure Measures And Energy Efficiency Analysis

- Dec 30, 2016-

Fifth, to prevent sandwich glass exposure measures and energy efficiency analysis

In order to effectively prevent the phenomenon of self-exposure of laminated glass, and from the energy efficiency point of view, to prevent the phenomenon of self-exposure laminated glass, and the timely existence of air bubbles and air glass recycling, which can save resources and reduce costs Expenditure, to maximize energy efficiency. In the prevention of the phenomenon of self-exposure of laminated glass, from the following aspects to improve:

1, the arc does not match:

Recommended outside the glass after the baked in the inner marker with the outer piece of the corresponding parts of the obvious mark, to avoid the two pieces of glass marked different, to completely coincide. In the process of the glass sheet to refer to this tag for film, to avoid the problem of glass blew caused by the phenomenon.


2, edge degumming phenomenon:

In the glass packaging and transportation process, use plastic sheeting, the use of special laminated glass edge to prevent the phenomenon of plastic gel lesions, which prevent degumming caused by a better exposure burst effect.


3, glue layer bubble phenomenon:


First of all, pay attention to the preservation of laminated film, for Kaifeng film, to 24 hours to control temperature and humidity, temperature 18 ℃ -25 ℃ to save, the temperature maintained at 20% -30% is appropriate.


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