Trendy Design Office Partition - Fog Glass

- Dec 20, 2016-

   Decoration industry in the next few years, will be the new cyclone in a rush - the use of atomized glass.Such as office space, reception room partition, the leadership of the office area, conference room, training room, etc., are likely to use to this new glass partition.Since 2016, gradually used by some companies office decoration to the fog of glass.It will gradually become the characteristics of the new office now.

Fog glass mystery where is it?Is the glass in the middle of the dimmer LCD film, using a liquid crystal technology, energized the transparent state can be realized, can restore again when power is grind arenaceous shape ivory completely opaque, and optional control membrane is transparent and opaque state, provide the best privacy and space for office partition solution.And can save a space to the greatest extent, directly on the film to achieve high quality projection, sitting in the office on the projector light display to directly to the membrane, can enjoy the high quality projection images, play big or for business presentation, more than enough.
     At ordinary times can make membrane in current condition, outdoor space take in everything in a glance, as well as increase the indoor permeability and expand the overall visual space effectively.Welcomes the high-end customers and power is controlled membrane, instantaneous builds a private room for negotiation, high-tech operation mode can be shown directly on the film projection power point presentation to customers see, the demonstration effect of amazing stand now host to taste yet, effectively improve customer brownie points.


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