Vacuum Glass Should Pay Attention To What The Problem?

- Nov 28, 2016-

1) vacuum glass should be based on different climatic conditions, use, use the function to select different types and specifications. Consult the production unit before deciding to purchase.

2) The vacuum glass can not be cut, the size of the glass before the order design and matching with the frame material.

3) Ordinary vacuum glass should be used vertically under normal circumstances. If it is necessary to install it in an inclined way, please consult with the production unit.

4) Vacuum glass should be checked before use, the appearance of quality, cracks, scratches or support activities of the vacuum glass do not use.

5) handling, installation, use the process of vacuum glass should be to prevent vibration and impact, handling the use of vertical handling.

6) should protect the protective cap, is strictly prohibited extrusion, collision and man-made demolition.

7) hard objects in the vacuum glass surface scratch will cause damage, even if there is no failure, will greatly reduce the service life.

8) vacuum glass edge parts can not be exposed to use.

9) vacuum glass installation location should be far away from the cold and warm equipment to avoid cold, hot air blowing directly on the glass.

10) When the temperature difference between the two sides of the vacuum glass is more than 50 ℃, consult with the production unit or use the combination vacuum glass.

11) windows with vacuum glass, should be designed to open the window. Sliding window due to lax, not easy to play the role of vacuum glass.

12) vacuum glass exhaust pipe and protective cap should be used when the room-oriented, and in the window on the corner position. Place the pad should be soft pad, can not be directly exposed to the concrete floor. So as not to touch the corner.


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