What Are The Benefits Of Short Glass Fiber?

- Jun 22, 2016-

Advantages of using short glass fibers, the fiber length of the high precision, high amount of fiber, filament diameter common fiber before lax stick-shaped segment has excellent mobility, because it is inorganic, so static, high temperature does not occur, rally in commodities are common, they can form three-dimensional network structure, so that the product has excellent tensile and wayward surname, high impact strength, every nook of lax fiber in the length of the common, so pull goods strength are common. The glass fiber powder can not be done, because it is the destruction of technology, the fiber length can not be secured, long or short, and powders, as is waste, during which the impurities, to ensure that there is no filament diameter fiber Rough is fine , so the increase in commodities, strength can not be ensured, the strength of each nook values are not the same, but also easy to interleave from Mission.

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