What Are The Characteristics Of Stained Glass?

- Feb 21, 2017-

What are the characteristics of stained glass? In this regard, the TV wall art glass for everyone to do the following introduction, you want to choose the stained glass when you can help.


Stained glass is a special pigment directly on the glass, or in the glass sprayed into a variety of patterns coupled with the color made of high-grade glass varieties, with its reproduction of landscape, landscape, beach jungle painting decorated in the door, , Can be the vitality of nature and cut into the room. According to the needs of indoor saturation, the choice of stained glass, painting, color, light in one. Such as the bedroom backdrop with transparent glass with simple style painted glass murals, the overall transparent Smart, so that the dream is also like crystal castle crystal clear.


Glazed tempered glass with anti-acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, never fade, high security advantages, and reflection and non-perspective and other characteristics. Stained glass and glazed tempered glass are often priced according to square meters, depending on the production process, the price from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. With purple glaze glass with black wooden grid frame as a partition wall, but also become the whole bedroom extra points of the crowning touch.


Glass tiles are sound insulation, insulation, waterproof, energy saving, translucent good non-load-bearing decorative materials. Home improvement in the selection of hollow glass tiles as the external walls or indoor interval, both the role of segmentation, to provide a good lighting effect, and a continuation of the feeling of space. Whether it is a single mosaic use, or as a partition wall of the whole use, can have the effect of finishing touch, simple and elegant decorative effect without losing the elegant atmosphere. Glass tiles are often priced according to block, ordinary glass brick price of 3 dollars, but the edge of the glass tiles will have to reach more than 30 dollars. Hollow glass tiles in the bathroom clever use, while ensuring privacy at the same time, bring a crystal clear transparent texture.

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