What Are The Factors Affecting The Service Life Of Electric Glass?

- Dec 20, 2016-

      If under normal use, the service life of the electric glass in 10 years or so.But can't rule out some disruptive factors affect the service life of electric glass.What are the factors affect his life.
     First: move light film quality directly decides the service life of the glass.Dimming membrane do better or imported, his life can reach 12 w hours of above commonly, domestic film quality is a bit poor, the service life of the stay in 10 w hours, in terms of electric glass, film is one of the most important, once the film is broken or not working, the whole piece of glass can only be dispensed directly.Cannot be used for the second time, so at the time of select electronic glass, more need to know how the quality of the film.High quality of the film means life and life is long.
      The second: power life is also important factor.Power as a part of the electric glass is essential, as there is a direct link between lifespan of glass.Zeelang are the company's power remote control and power supply manufacturer cooperation of qualifications, the power of the production life of 8 w hours.In principle, once the electric glass due to the power lead to cannot work, can change a new power supply, after the replacement of power supply will lead to the inside of the glass sandwich membrane shortened lifespan.So for the power supply, using the "original" power supply as much as possible.
     Third: EVA film on the service life of the electric glass also has certain influence.EVA film is a variety of thermosetting adhesive film.After long-term use, membrane is easy to appear the phenomenon of yellowing or fog degree increased.As the film and the PDLC film is one-off, can't replace.
    Fourth: the influence of the surrounding environment.The electric glass of these factors have an impact on life, use of surrounding environment is also very important.In the first half of this year we made a simulation experiment in the laboratory, the results show that electric glass is wet for a long time, the high temperature environment, life is about 4.5 w hours or so.In ventilated, dry, well-lit place, probably around 80000 hours service life.The prototype of simulation environment in general office, for example. 
    In addition to the above four of the more important factors that influence its life expectancy can also install the operating mode, laminating process, maintenance of late, all aspects can affect it.But don't worry too much for you ye, under normal circumstances, the service life of electric glass keep in 6-10 w hours is no problem.

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