What Are The Properties Of The Wire Glass?

- Feb 15, 2017-

What are the properties of the wire glass?

   Often we have some large interior decoration above to see some of the glass inside a pattern. These patterns are colorful, the layers vary and have a very good decorative effect. This is what we call the folder Juan glass.

    It is in the middle of the glass folder on the EVA film, and then clip a variety of patterns of silk or cloth, after high temperature processing. If it is a small class, it is also the type of laminated glass. So the folder glass with the functional characteristics, but also reflected in it to the body. But it also has its own unique characteristics. Such as explosion-proof, laminated glass broken pieces will be bonded in the EVA film is not easy to fall off. But the folder Juan glass broken, part of its glass slag is in the EVA film, part of the folder will be hung inside the cloth above. On the whole, its explosion-proof performance is stronger than that of wire glass.

    In addition, anti-theft is also its important performance. Folder silk glass is not easy to cut the value of the amount of broken, according to the European strong defense.

   Then we can see it in those places? Generally common in a variety of real estate railing, balcony fence glass, shop doors and windows, shopping malls show glass, all kinds of home improvement glass table, showcase above can see it.


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