What Is A Mirror Mirror It?

- Feb 07, 2017-

        What is a mirror mirror it?

We are here about the magic mirror, not a fairy tale can predict the future of the product. Mirror We also called the mirror TV glass, mirror glass and so on. Is nowadays very popular a new product. Its main function can hide the display area when shutting down, turn the whole product into a mirror. The boot, the screen can display the perfect picture. Screen vivid.

However, today's information age, a variety of information alternately, a variety of multimedia update rate is overwhelmed, especially in the visual communication products more easily in consumer groups cause widespread resonance. How do you stand out from these crowded information environments? If we maintain the unique characteristics of our product style it? This is the magic mirror products need to face the challenge. Relative to the traditional display, the boot state display screen effect for a long time will have another eye fatigue, is not conducive to the protection of strength. If the product uses a mirror mirror, then, can ease eye fatigue. This is one of the highlights. Is now being more and more accepted by the display business.

       The magic mirror glass and high-end ultra-thin LCD screen together, this year's fashion trends. In the mirror around the glass to prevent a special magnet device fixed, when you boot time, you can use as a TV, watch TV programs, satellite channels, movies and so on. In the closed state, it is your make-up, fitting the mirror. Multi-functional combination, serve multiple purposes.

      From the use of speaking, is also very wide, perhaps now you have in some hotel decoration, beauty salons, elevators, shop decoration and so has seen its shadow. With the passage of time, magic crystal glass will also appear in more areas, let us stay tuned it!

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