What Is Ceramic Glass?

- Dec 19, 2016-


Ceramic glass,, the nucleation agent with or without specific components of the nucleation agent of glass, in a controlled crystallization heat treatment conditions, the original single phase formed a ceramic glass and glass phase homogeneous distribution of composite materials.ceramic glass and common glass difference is that the former part is the crystal, which is full of amorphous.ceramic glass surface can present natural stone color stripe and opacities, and the glass is transparent body of various kinds of color, different programs.

Ceramic glass is glass, stone technology, developed a kind of new building materials.Because of its available ore, industrial tailings and metallurgical slag, fly ash, coal  as the main raw material, and pollution-free production process, the product itself has no radioactive contamination, so it is also known as environmental protection product or green material.

Glass-ceramic by residual glass crystal phase and phase composition of dense texture, no holes, uniform melt nexus of contracts, it is made of some glass to join a certain amount of nucleating agent (sometimes without), then through heating (thermal) or (and) illumination (light), make the glass body evenly precipitate a large number of tiny crystals, and made of transparent or opaque material.Average crystal size is less than 0.1 microns, crystal content can reach 50% ~ 90% (volume).Mechanical strength, chemical stability of this kind of glass, electric performance is superior to common glass, and the production process and use raw materials are similar to common glass, also can use a lot of industrial waste, become a rapid development since the 1960 s, a new type of glass.Shenzhen Zeelang glass is a professional manufacturer of ceramic glass, if you have any problems or purchase of ceramic glass, please contact us.



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