What Is Semi-tempered Glass?

- Dec 15, 2016-

Semi-tempered glass between the ordinary flat glass and tempered glass, a variety, which combines some of the advantages of tempered glass, such as higher strength than ordinary glass, while avoiding the glass flatness poor, easy to blew, once the destruction of the whole Crushing and other unsatisfactory weaknesses. When the toughened glass is destroyed, the radial crack is radially radial along the crack source, and generally there is no tangential crack propagation, so the whole can not be slumped after the damage.

Semi-tempered glass in the building for the curtain wall and outside the window, can be made of steel coated glass, the image distortion is better than tempered glass. However, note that semi-tempered glass does not belong to the scope of safety glass, because once broken, there are still sharp debris may hurt, can not be used for skylights and possible human impact of the occasion.

Semi-tempered glass surface compressive stress between 24MPa to 52MPa, tempered glass surface pressure should be greater than 69MPa. Semi-tempered glass production process and the same glass, only in the quenching station of the wind pressure difference, the cooling energy is less than tempered glass.


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