What Is The Difference Between AG Glass And Frosted Glass

- Nov 18, 2016-


         You know AG glass and frosted glass in the end the two glass What is the difference?

        First of all, from the processing technology, the current majority of AG glass manufacturers are using AG potions etching treatment. Simply put in the glass surface smear AG syrup, so that the glass surface by smooth etching into a matte convex surface, can reduce the light and shadow, the formation of anti-glare effect. Anti-glare products, anti-corrosion surface, anti-scratch performance. The AG etch depth was 0.05-0.07 mm. The process of the potions to master the degree of etching requires a higher degree of difficulty requirements. Compared to the frosted glass process is necessary to "simple, crude" more, most of the factory or the use of the original physical processing methods - that is, sandblasting completed. Using grit spray coating by spray gun or disc atomizer, by means of pressure or centrifugal force, dispersed into uniform and fine droplets, applied to the glass surface coating method. At this point the surface of the glass showing uneven state, to achieve the effect of fuzzy frost. This process is simple, Chen is low, is currently the majority of domestic manufacturers commonly used in processing methods.

        Second, from the use of, AG glass is mainly used in electronic products in front of the panel. The use of AG glass electronic products, in the bright light can make the screen inside the picture clearly shows. No glare or astigmatism. Most of the advertising machine, outdoor display, LED screen, electronic screen. Frosted glass can not be used with electronic products, common use and architectural decoration above or need to protect privacy, such as bathroom glass, bathroom door, office partition, conference room. Common thickness can be from 3-19MM.

      Third, from the development prospects. As this is two different applications of the product, its development prospects are also very different. In the future, AG glass will gradually be widely used in electronic products, replacing the current conventional glass. Frosted glass, due to low prices, will also be used in large areas with the field of architectural decoration.

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