What Is The Difference Between Glass And Tempered Glass?

- Mar 30, 2017-

What is the difference between glass and tempered glass?

Laminated glass with high impact strength and the use of security, suitable for building doors and windows of the laminated glass, staircase rails, lighting ceiling laminated glass, shower room laminated glass, shower room folder glass, floor and Doors, shops, kindergartens, schools, gymnasiums, private homes, villas, banks, jewelry stores, and so on to save valuables or glass fragile buildings such as doors and windows.


From the appearance point of view, the transparency and purity of laminated glass is similar to that of tempered glass. However, there is glue and adhesive film between glass. After the glass is broken, the debris will not fall off, and the glass can block the sound and keep Quiet and comfortable office environment, its unique filter UV function, that is, to protect people's skin health and can make the home of expensive furniture and exhibits out of fade doom. Past the production of laminated glass, with the import film, the price is relatively high, in addition to enterprises and institutions, home decoration rarely used. The appearance of laminated glass glue greatly reduces the cost of production and processing difficulties, do not need large equipment, handmade can produce laminated glass.


Curved glass can be used for lift-type sightseeing elevator, shopping malls hotel revolving door. Bulletproof glass and anti-theft glass can be used for banking, securities companies, insurance companies and other financial business offices and gold and silver jewelry stores, museums, commercial buildings, prisons and other places counters, doors and windows. PVB films produced with special formulations also have a wide range of applications in aerospace, military and high-tech industries, such as aircraft, spacecraft, military equipment, solar cells and solar receivers, and are used in industrial applications for composite damping steel Wait.



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