What Is The Effect Of Glass Film?

- Mar 18, 2017-

What is the effect of glass film?

With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements of the decoration design has become increasingly strong. Indoor glass foil has become a popular decoration of the favorite materials, then what is the role of glass film it? What is the price of a home glass foil? Let me come to answer the following questions for everyone.


1, reduce the heat to reduce the glare to increase the comfort of home glass film is a direct installation on the window glass surface of the product, which helps to correct the light strong area or dorsal zone temperature is uneven, and scattered glare, uncomfortable Glare, so that the indoor staff more comfortable.


2, cut off the ultraviolet light to prevent premature fading blocking ultraviolet rays help to alleviate premature fading, solar radiation in the ultraviolet light is caused by carpets, furniture, art paintings, curtains and chemical fiber fade important reason, but also lead to skin cancer, Home glass film allows visible light to enter, while preventing harmful ultraviolet light, but also reduce the sun visible light caused by the fade.


3, heat and energy saving to save refrigeration costs in summer, the film by blocking the solar heat can reduce the cooling costs, the film can reflect and absorb the vast majority of solar infrared heat can also reduce the thermal conductivity of the glass. The loss of heat in the winter through the windows not only makes the building staff feel uncomfortable, but also increase the unnecessary energy consumption costs, the low emissivity of the home glass film, installed in the inner surface of ordinary single glass can reduce heat loss.


4, safe explosion-proof general sun paper or low-quality explosion-proof membrane material and the real explosion-proof membrane is different, the film is very thin, feel very soft, lack of adequate toughness, impatience to ultraviolet radiation, easy aging brittle, when accidental collision or Foreign objects hit, the diaphragm is easy to break, can not be stuck together glass, and explosion-proof membrane is a special polyester film as the substrate, the film itself has a strong toughness, and with a special pressure-sensitive adhesive and metal The When the glass encounters an accidental collision, the glass is stuck together and the pieces do not splash around.


5, add a visual aesthetic effect to enhance the privacy of home glass film can give the building a new chic appearance, from the inside to see, home glass film comfortable and pleasant, blocking light and no scenery deformation; from outside to inside, home glass foil appearance Consistent, add a sense of beauty to the room; the translucent or day-to-day perspective film affixed to the inside of your glass window also allows the light to penetrate, but can block others from pouring into the room's eyes. Glass film price: the current price of glass foil on the market a lot, but the price is generally not high, about a few to several hundred, mainly based on the choice of film quality, size to decide.


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