What Is The Folder Wire, Folder Glass?

- Dec 15, 2016-

Clamp, folder glass is the use of calendering molding method, the metal wire or metal mesh embedded in the glass plate made of a special function of the flat glass. Since the glass body has a wire or a net, the flat glass has a great improvement in the integrity. Destruction to avoid the overall collapse of broken, which has a certain role in fire safety and security effects. The shortcomings of this glass is not good perspective, because of its internal presence of wire mesh, the visual effects have some interference, followed by the edge of the glass exposed to corrosion of metal wire easily. The safety of the folder wire, the glass folder is reflected in the destruction of the overall performance remains, glass debris in the wire is not under the flying stretch, reducing the damage to the human body. Can be used in skylights, roofs, indoor partitions and other easy to cause debris wounding occasions. In addition, because the folder glass screen is not easy to wear, for windows and doors glass also has some anti-theft effect. Folder wire, folder glass can also be used as a secondary fire doors and windows materials. Ordinary glass in the fire prone to heat broken and broken, resulting in air flow and fire spread. Although the glass of the wire mesh in the fire burst, but because there is a wire or mesh support and will not fall into the hole, to a certain extent, to maintain integrity, to prevent the flow of air, the fire spread better resistance Choke effect. Folder wire, folder glass is also suitable for earthquake occasions, such as the requirements of higher seismic protection and industrial vibration of the building and other buildings. Fiberglass, laminated glass to improve the fragile nature of flat glass fragile, is a low-cost, widely used architectural glass.

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