What Is The Glass Construction Of Low-strength Glass?

- Feb 22, 2017-

   Since the invention of the glass, has been subject to several problems. First, the quality of the glass is not reliable, the intensity is not high enough. And the glass will produce sharp pieces of broken pieces, likely to cause harm; followed by the greenhouse effect of glass, will come into the infrared energy to keep in the summer is very hot, not suitable for living. Finally, when the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is large, the glass surface is easy to have water vapor condensation, affecting the transparency.

 These problems in a very long time failed to solve. Until a few decades ago have a better solution. First, "steel". After the steel (heat treatment) of the glass impact resistance than ordinary glass increased by 3 to 5 times, and even if the fragmentation is only broken into a small angle without a small glass block. Second, "hollow". The curtain wall glass made of double (or even three), between the two pieces of glass filled with dry air layer or inert gas layer, can greatly improve the insulation, insulation, noise performance. It was measured that when the outdoor temperature was -10 ° C, the temperature before the single-glazed window was -2 ° C, and the room temperature of the three-layer insulating glass was 13 ° C. It should be emphasized that the hollow glass filled with air must be dry, that is to prevent water vapor in the winter condensation in the inner layer, affecting transparency. Three is "double silver". In the glass coated with two very thin silver film, this "double silver glass" can be a good through the visible light, but can the sun's thermal radiation (infrared) reflected off. In the hot summer, double-layer double-silver insulating glass can pass 90% of the visible light, blocking 90% of the solar radiation heat.

Improved glass curtain wall, a new look, popular, "inside and outside the infinite scenery." From the outside, the high-rise buildings seem to wear a beautiful glass coat; into the building, light through, everywhere is the "big screen", the window panoramic view of infinite scenery. Daytime indoor bright, greatly reducing the artificial lighting electricity; to the night, the glass curtain wall transparent body, the building has become a "Crystal Palace", there are other bright lights never dreamed of the city's charming landscape.

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