What Is The Reason For The Bursting Of Laminated Glass?

- Dec 30, 2016-

As the laminated glass is a multi-layer vacuum hot pressing for the glass to complete the production process, so the glass after the film, there will be burst phenomenon, there are less radian glass, the situation is also mixed with bubbles edge, curl or Mixed with inclusions and other phenomena. These phenomena have seriously affected the quality of laminated glass. These bursts of the main reasons for the formation of such a few:


1, glass molding, the middle of the laminated glass adhesive layer, due to the role of internal stress, resulting in glass blew;


2, the middle of the glass adhesive layer of internal stress, mainly due to the outer piece of glass and glass within the piece in the film, the arc does not match the placement, resulting in two pieces of glass in the process of creating a laminated piece of sandwich problems caused by self-


3, the glass in the hot bending process, if the cooling rate too fast, will cause a new gradient of the glass caused by stress, resulting in self-exposure;


4, if the autoclave cooling too fast will cause the glass burst phenomenon;


5, the glass after the Rewan forming, then in order to promote the formation of glass and increase the external force, the glass will cause uneven stress when the glass burst;


6, when the glass into the autoclave, if the glass directly contact the metal, or the edge of the clamp strength is too large, are easy to make the glass burst;


7, a piece of glass after the burst of the phenomenon of the installation of the external force, will also occur. For example, the radian of the glass does not match the arc of the installation position, so that the glass is greatly affected by the external force during installation, and the phenomenon of bursting occurs after a period of use.


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