What Kind Of Power Supply Should Be Used For Smart Glass?

- Jan 07, 2017-

 After a number of popular publicity, most consumers know to make the smart glass work, in addition to the characteristics of the glass structure itself, but also with a professional power supply to use. This power is a special power supply, our conventional mains voltage is AC220V, and the smart glass only in the case of AC60V voltage to safe and normal operation. Our special place in the power of it in the conventional AC220V point can be converted into AC60V electrical input to the smart glass, so that normal work.

  Often our business also encountered customer problems, smart glass can be directly connected AC220V power? We have also experimented with this problem. A sample of A4 paper size after the access AC220V voltage, the beginning of the same can work properly, but work continued for 2 days, due to high voltage led to the middle of PDLC liquid crystal molecules scorched, smart glass burned. The same size of the glass, after using a dedicated power supply, so far after working for 2 years, and is safe. Encountered this problem, we generally tell customers can not directly access AC220V voltage. Otherwise the product will be directly burned out.

      You may be wondering why the smart glass intelligent AC60V or below to accept the voltage? Are you in the production time can not produce high-voltage power supply? This is mainly related to the physical properties of polymer liquid crystal molecules in the film. After the test of experts and found that liquid crystal molecules in the 65V or so driven by the state is relatively stable, both to achieve an optimal light transmission effect, but also does not appear the case of ignition burned.

     Then there is no use of 220V AC or 12V DC dimming glass it? The answer is no. China's civil power is 220V AC, this voltage is known in the international high-voltage (220V-240V), such a large voltage is not too safe. The 12V car DC also need to convert the inverter into the dimming glass of the AC power needed to use.

     For some special voltage requirements of the country, into Canada, the United States, the civilian voltage is AC110V. Australia is the AC240V. Therefore, according to the different countries of the region, we also configure the different voltage parameters of the power requirements. We have AC110V turn AC60V power, AC240V turn AC60V power supply. Depending on where the customer is located, power options are also available.

   In addition to the voltage question, if my glass area has 10 square, how much power I need with the power supply?

    In fact, this is very simple, in general, our smart glass and power supply configuration is the case, 10W power can control 1 square meter of smart glass / PDLC dimming film. With this reference value, we can calculate the power supply configuration of the situation, whether in voltage or power, are now in the pursuit of security. The lower the voltage, the safer the human body. AC48V has now come out of the smart glass is also very popular. I believe that in the near future, there will be AC36V, AC24V low voltage smart glass.

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