What's Good And Bad About Electrochromic Glass Film?

- Sep 18, 2016-

Electrochromic glass film might sound like a gimmick, but they have a huge environmental benefit. In their darkened state, they reflect back virtually all (about 98 percent of) the light falling on them, so they can dramatically reduce the need for air-conditioning (both the huge cost of installing it and the day-to-day cost of running it). Since they're electrically operated, they can easily be controlled by a smart-home system or a RF sensor, whether there are people inside the building or not. According to scientists at the US Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), windows like this could save up to 8 percent of a building's total energy consumption; they use only tiny amounts of electricity to switch from dark to light (100 windows use about as much energy as a single incandescent lamp) so make a huge net energy saving overall. Other benefits of electrochromic glass film include privacy at the flick of a switch (no more fumbling around with clumsy, dusty curtains and blinds), convenience (automatically darkening windows can save your upholstery and pictures from fading), and improved security (electrically operated curtains are notoriously unreliable).

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