What Should Pay Attention To When Installate Glass?

- Jan 09, 2017-

1, cut the glass, should be in the designated places out, cut the corners of the remaining material, should be concentrated stacking and handling, handling glass to wear gloves.

2, the height of the installation of glass, glass should be properly placed properly, the vertical below the prohibition of personnel or operations, the installation of roof lighting glass, scaffolding platform should be erected or take other security measures.

3, the installation of glass tools, should be placed in the tool bag, the operation is prohibited to small hammer, iron card, etc. in the mouth or any throw.

4, the installation of glass doors and windows, doors and windows before the installation is to check whether the hinge firm, the order should be carried out from top to bottom, the doors and windows close to the glass soon after installation.

5, the installation of roof and skylight glass, scaffolding should be laid, set the protection zone, to prohibit the passage and stay of the lower part, and to fasten seat belts, is prohibited pedal step on the window frame operation.

6, handling the larger size of the glass, you must use a wooden bracket or special tools to avoid rupture in the transport wounding.

7, glass drilling, the table should be flat pad at the bottom of real, the drill must be solid, can not have shaking, drilling and grinding to light.

8, glass grinding slot, grinding wheel machine should be firmly in prison, grinding groove when the arc should not be greater than the circumference of 1/4, the speed should be slow, not too fast.



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