Why Do High-power Induction Cooker Use Ceramic Glass?

- Apr 05, 2017-

Why do high-power induction cooker use ceramic glass?

Microcrystalline glass, also known as microcrystalline jade or ceramic glass. Mainly used in induction cooker, high-power induction cooker and other products above. Is a comprehensive glass, its scientific name is called glass ceramics. A specific combination of glass with a nucleating agent is subjected to a crystallization heat treatment under controlled conditions (a certain temperature) to form a composite material having a uniform distribution of microcrystals and glass phases.

The ceramic glass and our common glass look very different. It has the dual characteristics of glass and ceramics, ordinary glass internal atomic arrangement is no rules, which is one of the reasons for fragile glass. The glass-ceramic, like ceramics, consists of crystals, that is, its atomic arrangement is regular. So, the glass-ceramic is higher than the ceramic's brightness, stronger than the glass toughness

Commercial ceramic cooker panel using the main reason for the use of glass-ceramic: glass-ceramic properties of high mechanical strength, excellent insulation properties, dielectric loss, dielectric constant stability, thermal expansion coefficient can be adjusted in a wide range, chemical resistance, Thermal stability is good, the use of high temperature.

Flat ceramic glass is currently widely used in household cooker stove, concave glass-ceramic refers to the shape was concave, similar to the status of the pot of glass-ceramic. The main purpose of the glass-ceramic used in the current high-power commercial induction cooker with the main. With the increase in gas prices, the surge in the cost of the catering industry, and the increase in the number of commercial induction cooker users, Concave glass-ceramic demand will be a corresponding increase.


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