Why Is The Insulating Glass Building Energy-saving Good Partner?

- Dec 17, 2016-

In general construction, the door and window area accounts for 30% of the external structure of the building area, doors and windows energy consumption of building peripheral structure of the heat loss of 40% to 50%, building energy consumption accounts for a large proportion, thus the development of new insulation doors and windows is the current Doors and windows of the main direction of the industry.

    Glass in the window area of the window area of 58% to 87%, due to the thermal resistance of ordinary glass is very small, single window glass insulation is weak links. Practice at home and abroad have proved that the use of insulating glass is an important way to achieve energy saving windows and doors.

    Hollow glass has a variety of configurations and combinations. The most commonly used ordinary hollow glass and more use of slot aluminum structure. Trough aluminum insulating glass appears earlier, compared with ordinary glass, it has excellent insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-condensation properties such as frost.

    Hollow glass as a window with the best energy-saving building materials and a mature high-tech products, has been increasingly concerned about China's attention. In recent years, with the building energy efficiency and application of the broadening of the hollow glass manufacturing enterprises have also been greater development. Fortunately, the concept of price performance ratio of the building has been a new change, some smart property developers have adopted the excellent performance of insulating glass insulating glass as a new selling point, causing buyers to pay attention. In many areas to build "green" residential demonstration area are invariably use the insulating glass. The fact has also proved that the promotion of insulating glass will effectively reduce the building energy consumption, thus becoming the realization of the national building energy efficiency of a major technical measures.


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