Why Is The Insulating Glass On The Traffic Noise Is Invalid

- Dec 26, 2016-

Why is the insulating glass on the traffic noise is invalid

With the continuous improvement of living conditions, the living environment of the acoustic requirements are also rising. In the process of traffic noise pollution control, the manufacturers are vigorously publicity is the insulating glass windows. Insulating glass in the middle there are two single glass composition, the middle of the air layer 9mm. Because of this glass structure is rather special, most consumers will think that the insulating glass on the noise, it is not. This should start with the characteristics of the noise source.

At present, most of the street noise noise source of traffic noise, traffic noise sources, including three categories: First, the car tire friction with the ground sound. This sound is basically a bass and is accompanied by vibration. This situation is particularly close to the concrete road than the asphalt road to be serious. Second, the car engine, exhaust pipe, car transmission sound. The greater the horsepower, the longer the vehicle, the stronger the noise. Third, car horn, wind resistance and braking, deceleration zone and the impact of vehicles caused by the impact of vehicle vibration. Instrument testing shows that the traffic noise of the sound pressure level mainly in the low frequency (200Hz below), which is the general insulating glass windows where the weaknesses.

The structure of the insulating glass and traffic noise is easy to form low-frequency resonance phenomenon, the low-frequency section of the noise are very unsatisfactory. We tested, low-frequency sound insulation is only the largest 19db, the overall noise is less than 30db. If the outdoor noise in more than 75db, the indoor sound environment can be imagined is very troublesome, so the noise must be selected professional soundproof glass structure.


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