Why Is The Tempered Glass Broken

- Nov 11, 2016-

   Broken by impact. Glass, especially heat-absorbing glass and heat-reflective glass in the sunlight, especially the glass curtain wall are generally installed in the exposed parts, there may be broken. When the external stress on the surface of the glass exceeds the allowable range of glass strength, the glass will break.

1, for example, whether the glass before installation is not careful damage. Since the toughened glass has a weakly hardened zone in the peripheral region, the strength is even weaker than that of the non-toughened glass, but this partial failure is likely not to cause immediate cracking of the glass but to change the internal stress of the glass. When the use of the wall, the internal stress gradually changes, the glass rupture.


2, for example, the temperature difference after installation. As you say the temperature, what the weather will make the local pressure inside the glass is not uniform, causing a burst.


3, the installation of the correct size. If the installation is too tight, the specifications inappropriate, will cause changes in the internal stress of glass, causing burst.


4, the rest is the external force, including the impact, bubbles, scratches, inclusions, exposure side, extrusion and so on. Not just the impact of human, or other items, and even the wind in nature and so on. If the glass does not fall to the ground, there will be a clear impact point. It is easy to break,


5, the glass may contain nickel sulfide impurities within the small crystal state exists, under normal circumstances, will not cause glass damage. The most typical cause of tempered glass blew time is the product after the completion of 4 to 5 years.

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