Why Use High-power Induction Cooker Ceramic Glass ?

- Dec 13, 2016-

 ceramic glass and our common glass looks very different. It has the dual characteristics of glass and ceramics, ordinary glass inside the atomic arrangement is no rules, which is one of the reasons fragile glass. The glass-ceramic, like ceramics, consists of crystals, that is, its atomic arrangement is regular. Therefore, the ceramic glass than the high brightness of the glass, toughness than glass

Commercial Induction Cooker panel ceramic glass main reasons are: the performance of ceramic glass high mechanical strength, excellent insulation properties, dielectric loss, dielectric constant stability, thermal expansion coefficient can be adjusted in a wide range of chemical resistance, wear resistance, Thermal stability, and high temperature.

Flat ceramic glass is currently widely used in home stoves on the cooker, concave-shaped ceramic glass refers to the concave shape, similar to the status of the pot of ceramic glass The main purpose of the current glass-ceramic plate to the main use of high-power commercial induction cooker. With gas, rising prices, the cost of the catering industry surge, as well as the understanding of people without the fire cooking, commercial induction cooker users increase. Concave type ceramic glass demand will increase accordingly.

Commercial Induction Cooker used in the conventional glass-ceramic plate size: 250 × 250mm, 300 × 300mm, 350 × 350mm, 450 × 450mm, 500 × 500mm, 600 × 600mm, commonly used thickness of 12 ~ 20mm.

Commercial Induction Cooker used concave ceramic glass conventional size: diameter 200mm, diameter 300mm, diameter 400mm, diameter 500mm and so on.


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