Why Use Hollow Glass Aluminum

- Nov 29, 2016-

Aluminum can be used as a hollow glass hollow compartment is a series of metal materials through the final comparison of each other come to the fore. So in the end what is the reason?

Aluminum density is very small, only 2.7g / cm, although it is relatively soft, but can be made of various aluminum alloy, such as hard aluminum, super-hard aluminum, rust aluminum, cast aluminum. Aluminum has good ductility makes it can roll a variety of aluminum products such as aluminum wire aluminum. The surface of aluminum due to a dense oxide protective film, less susceptible to corrosion. Aluminum has silver-white luster, but also anti-corrosion properties. Aluminum reflective properties of light is also very good, reflecting the ultraviolet than silver, the more pure aluminum, the better the reflection capability. Aluminum has a sound-absorbing performance, sound effects are better, so the radio room, modern large-scale construction indoor ceiling also use aluminum. Low temperature, aluminum at low temperature, its strength instead of increasing the brittleness, so it is ideal for low-temperature device materials.

These advantages of aluminum make aluminum as aluminum products can be competent for hollow aluminum compartment this important task.

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