Wired Glass Packaging Requirements

- Dec 05, 2016-

1. Wired glass container, spare or packed in wooden cases, each piece of glass with plastic bags or paper, glass and packing is not easy to cause the glass scratch soft material between infill, outside each should be marked "up, handle with care" and other words and the thickness of the glass

2. Wired glass during transportation, the glass shall not be flat or inclined to put, length direction should be the same as the direction of vehicle transportation, and there is rain facilities.Glass when handling, should avoid collision with hard objects, so as not to damage the glass.Temporarily unused products should be stored in dry room and should erect placed on the shelf in A word, and the vertical plane into 5-100, and fixed with A rope.

3. Wired glass before installation should avoid high temperature exposure, such as high temperature wet climate environment, the construction site of the glass to be stored in ventilated and dry place, encounter the weather mutations, heavy construction personnel shall timely inspect the site, to prevent the glass packing flooding caused by the wired glass edge ooze water discoloration.

4. Wired glass during the installation process of avoid by all means brutal installation, light with light and strength.Window frame should choose high precision and not easy to rust products, at the same time should be considered material coefficient of thermal expansion of glass and frame, leave room.To match the size of the glass and window frame, glass should be small not big, but to make the glass bite depth and window frame groove depth meets the requirements.With the method of frame all around, what should be considered in the design is easy to quickly eliminate rain and dew.Keep the glass dry.

5. Metal frame can not directly contact with the glass, glass and frame should choose between quality sealing material filling, and sealing materials and intermiscibility of PVB film.Suggested that using organic silicone rubber or polysulfide rubber sealing material.Installation design, construction operation to meet national mandatory standard JGJ113-97 < construction glass application > technical specification required.


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