Zee Lang Glass New Folder Plastic Equipment Debugging Success

- Apr 19, 2017-

Zee Lang glass new folder plastic equipment debugging success

  According to the sudden increase in orders this year, the company decided in February to purchase a German imports of plastic box. After nearly two months of transport and commissioning work, and finally completed 10th,April, has now entered the trial production stage.

    The purchase of the equipment, can be very effective in reducing the glass bubbles in the process of gelatinization. At the same time according to environmental requirements, the company specifically for the equipment equipped with a corresponding dust-free workshop. In the future, our dimming glass, laminated glass will be completed in the dust-free workshop work. After the film directly placed near the plastic box. Production has a previous production of 200 square feet per day to 500 square feet. Greatly improving the production efficiency.

   All Zeelang factory smart glass, laminated glass, after the performance is stable, will be mass production. Welcome new and old customers advice.


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