Zeelang App Research And Development Haved Succeed

- Apr 06, 2017-

zeelang app  research and development haved succeed

After six months of unremitting efforts, Zeelang technical team has successfully developed a new dimming glass control power. This power supply can be connected using the Android phone APP.

After the customer only need to download ZEELANG app in the Andrews system, you can control on the phone. At present we support the function of the object is fully open, the object is fully closed, the object flow open (a piece of switch), the object flow off (one piece off), the cycle switch 1 (from left to right switch), the cycle switch 2 Bright switch) and other functions.

    At present, we this APP can only be used in the Andrews system.

    In the next month , zeelang technical team will do more improvements, the future customers can directly in the Andrews system, Apple system directly download the APP side.

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