Zeelang Gradually Dimming Glass Research And Development Success

- Nov 07, 2016-

Zeelang gradually smart  glass research and development success

  To speed up the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure, to seize market opportunities, and 9-10 successfully developed gradient dimming glass.

    The traditional mode of dimming glass, through remote control only open - off, off - open two modes. And the two glasses are a sudden jump. Simple this glass model, has been unable to meet the needs of more and more consumers. More consumers want to be able to manually select the way to achieve a gradual transition from transparent to opaque state. Shenzhen Zeelang glass according to market demand response. Experienced six months of continuous research and development, the experiment finally in the 9-10 initial shape of the gradual emergence of intelligent glass.

    Gradient intelligent glass, by manually adjusting the rotation button, you can make the glass from the transparent state slowly fog, become creamy state.Customers can adjust the glass brightness and transparency ratio according to their needs. Improve the traditional way of switching light-emitting glass.

   The R & D results, will be in October on a comprehensive new market.

   For more product advisory information, please pay attention to the official website of Zeelang glass.

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