Zeelang Sales Team At The End Of Another Success!

- Nov 19, 2016-

      Open the calendar, 2016 has already entered the countdown stage. In the last two months, our team worked together and made a success at the beginning of the last two months.

      From the beginning of this year, company leadership has the second half of the production, sales have a series of standardized plans. In our goal, the first half of the sales team is mainly committed to customer development, proofing matters, the production department to continue to complete the existing orders on hand, and with the sales team proofing work. At the same time, the intention to invite customers to see plants. After six months of unremitting efforts, and finally at the last minute of this year to bring success. The success of the company and foreign glass company signed and produced the first batch of products.

     At this time of success, not only greatly increased morale, but also strengthened the development of other colleagues, the confidence of our customers. Although the development stage is very difficult, but we are not afraid of hardship, not afraid to refuse, with customers to discuss, discuss, and finally win the trust of customers.

     "With success do not be proud" so that our general manager often encouraged our words. Not arrogant and impatient, steady and do everything. We will create more achievements in the coming year. 2017, we will work harder.

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