Black Adjustable Electric Smart Vehicle Tint Film For Car Windows

Black Adjustable Electric Smart Vehicle Tint Film For Car Windows

Black smart tint is best way to use for vehicle windows , When power on ,film changes to be clear balck , not full transperant and when turn off ,color changes to full black .Also with high UV block rate to 98%.

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Product Details

Black Adjustable Electric Smart Vehicle Tint Film For Car Windows 

Smart vehicle tint description

It’s new kind of products which made by polymer dispersed liquid crystal and flexible ITO film. When it is powered off, visible light scatters through the smart smart tint car and the film turns opaque. When it is powered on, visible light transmits the STF and the film turns transparent. 

Optical PropertiesVisible Light TransmissionON>25%
Visual AngleON150 degree
UV BlockingON/OFF>98%
Electrical PropertiesOperating VoltageON69V AC
FrequenciesON50 to 60Hz
Response TimeON==>OFF0.002s
Power ConsumptionON5w/m2/hr
SpecificationDurable Temperature-30℃ to 100℃
Life Time>100000 hours
Size InformationFilm SizeWidth 1.5m, Length no limited


Rolling standard size1.5*50m per roll

Adjustable car tint features

1) Privacy protection: high transparent when power on,opaque when power off

2) Excellent noisy resistance, UV and IR resistance, environmental protection and health protection

3) Quick response: turn transparent  within 10ms

4) Laser cutting car window shape which you can paste on the glass directly 

 black smart tint.jpg

Package details :

A: Paper corn inside

B: Bubble paper as smart film protection

C: Foams fix the two ends

D: Carton( carton size:170cm*40cm*40cm)

E: Plywood case as the clients requirements.

 smart film package.jpg

Zeelang is a professional PDLC Film supplier and manufacturer, welcome to wholesale black adjustable electric smart vehicle tint film for car windows from our factory.

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