E-co Friendly Window Privacy Film

E-co Friendly Window Privacy Film

Free sample for your reference if needed . Fast delivery time like DHL , UPS , FEDEX , TNT . Eeco friendly products won't worried waste your power .

Product Details

E-co friendly window privacy film



 Zeelang offered free samples for your testing ,  privacy film size shall be  297*210mm . If needed , welcome to contact us ! 

Features of window privacy film 

1. Privacy Protection

Transparent (Power on), Opaque but light pervious (Powder off) in high switching speed. It’s instantaneous to make the film from completely transparent to fully opaque or vice versa.

2. Energy Saving

Only 5W low power consumption per square meter per hour when power on.

60% infrared blocking, to reduce heat radiation and transfer;

99% of UV blocking, to protect interior furnishings from color-fading or aging, and protect personnel from diseases caused by ultraviolet radiation.

3. Sound Proofing

4. Diversified Control

It can be controlled by wall switch, dimmer, motion detector, light, temperature sensor, remote controller, etc.

5.Easy installation & controlling mode

With simple structure, low cost, easy installation, and easy controlling mode, there is no need for complicated installation of curtains and subsequent clean-up.

6. Any size glasses are available to be equipped with

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Technology Details 

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Where you can use for friendly privacy film ?

 Nowdays , many place you can find it , like windows , doors , hotels , bathrooms etc 

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 Q: How can i got free sample?

 A: Contact us and tell us your information . Then you can got it .


 Q: How to shipping us with free samples ?

 A: Sample would be go by DHL , FEDEX , UPS , DHL etc . Freigt paid by you 



Why you choose us ?

 Zeelang offered privacy film with 2 years warranty 

 Zeelang's privavy film have long lifespan can be to 100000H 

 Customer shape & size will meeting your diffirent demands 

 E-co friendly film products help you save power charges 

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Zeelang is a professional PDLC Film supplier and manufacturer, welcome to wholesale e-co friendly window privacy film from our factory.
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