Frosted PDLC Smart Film

Frosted PDLC Smart Film

Simply struction and easily install steps . If you order large quantity , we can accept payment like L/C , D/P , T/T etc . To keep you money in safe .

Product Details

Frosted PDLC smart film


What struction of pdlc smart film ?

 In production, lt's main sturction is protective film  + ITO conductive film + PDLC liquid + ITO conductive film  + Protective film  . You can reference below photos :

pdlc film structur.jpg


How it works ?

 Generally speaking , frosted smart film working must connect to transformers .  When press on , the liquid stand in line , light can be go through . When press off , liquid mixed and apear to frolsted color .  Have private function then .

 pdlc film working.jpg

frosted PDLC film.jpg


How it performance ?

 smart film performance.jpg

How to package frosted pdlc film ?

Based on your quantity diffirence . we have round box and carton box package . See like as belows :

 pdlcFilm Package.jpg



 Q: What's your standard rolling size for frosted film ?

 A: We have wide size diffirence , 1M , 1.2M 1.5M , Lenth size with 50M common . 


 Q: How long time to produce one roll by size 1.5*50M ?

 A: Raw material have stocks any time , it only need 5 days we can finish . 

 Q: Can you support D/ P payment ?

 A: Only few good cusotmers can be accept . You may contact to our sales to got correct reply .



How to contact us ?

contact details.jpg

Zeelang is a professional PDLC Film supplier and manufacturer, welcome to wholesale Frosted PDLC Smart Film from our factory.
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