Low Price Silk Printing Float Glass

Low Price Silk Printing Float Glass

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Product Details

Low Price Silk Printing Float Glass


Specification for printing float glass

Silk screen glass is a decorative product which printed inks on float glass surface, by process of drying and toughening treatment, firing the inks on glass surface forever so as to anti-abrasive, acide and alkaline.

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1. High-strength printing float  glass that is heated to intenerate,and then condensed quilckly by cool air with the same thickness.

2. The optical performance of tempered silk printing float glass is as well as the normal annealing glass, and they also have good mechanical strength and bounce impact strength.

3. The mechanical strength of tempered glass is as 3-5 times powerful as normal annealing glass, bending strength is as 2-5 times powerful as normal flat glass.

4. The excursion of temperature that tempered glass endure is 250-320 degreen.


Edges you can select 

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Our advantage 

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Package and payment 

 1. Paper between each glass 

 2. Wooden case with iron belt 

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Payment offered diffirent ways , like L/C , T/T, Paypal etc 

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Zeelang is a professional Silk Printed Glass supplier and manufacturer, welcome to wholesale low price silk printing float glass from our factory.
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