13.5mm Switchable Electronic Dimmer Laminated Glass

13.5mm Switchable Electronic Dimmer Laminated Glass

High transmittance electronic switchable glass to 80% .

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Electronic switchable glass description and how does switchable glass work?








Electronic switchable glass is composed of layers of glass sheets & interlayer films, with an electric switcher and a remote control. The core film (PDLC-Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) has the property of “switchable color-changing”, that is, when the power is on, the glass is transparent; but when the power off, it turns to be opaque immediately. (As shown below by the photos).

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■ Superior safety: In case of being broken, TENA tempered glass sheet will change into thousands of tiny pieces without acute angles. Thus no injuries to the body of human beings can be caused.

 High-impact performance: TENA tempered glass can withstand the vertical hit of a 1 Kg steel ball falling freely from 1 meter height, and separately, the side hit by a 45 Kg ball of lead bullets from 1.2 meter height, without broken. Its performance is 5~10 times higher than that of ordinary flat glass sheets.

Better heat-stability: It can stand a heat-shock (sudden change of temperature) of 220~250 °C, while a common glass sheet of the same thickness can only stand 70~100 °C.

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Glass switch application





ΔResidential buildings, such as bathrooms, room partitions/windows, windows in balcony, cinema curtain, etc.

Δ Office buildings, such as room partitions/windows, windows in balcony, project curtain in meeting room, etc.

Δ Hospitals, to act as partitions or curtains, or windows.

Δ Banks, jewelry shops, museums, etc.

Δ Other buildings suitable for such a special feature.

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Max wide size  :1800MM

Max Highth size : 2400MM

Min size :110*170MM

Electronic switchable glass thickness :6mm float glass +EVA film +PDLC Film +6mm float glass . Total around 13.5MM

Size can be customer









Strong wooden crates or cartons suitable for export




Shipment and delivery time



We have sample stocks every time. Sample time is 3 days .  Customer size glass switch need 7 -20 working days .


Shipping we offered by express , by sea , by air etc





Other glass details



Transmittance : Around 80%

Haze Rate : Below 5%

View angle : 150 degree

Operating voltage :48V/AC

Color : Milk white when off , transparent when on





FAQ  :

 Q:What's the life-span of glass switch?

 A: More than 10 years. many of our projects were made before 10 years, now they are working with perfect performance.


Q:Does Zeelang electronic switchable glass affect transmission of UV light?

A:Yes.When OFF/Opaque, it can blocks 99% Harmful UV Rays and it is energy efficiency.


Q:How much switch glass price?

A: You can consult to Zeelang Sales group to got favaible price



How to contact us ?

 Welcome to contact us by following way :

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Zeelang is a professional Switchable Privacy Glass supplier and manufacturer, welcome to wholesale 13.5mm switchable electronic dimmer laminated glass from our factory.

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