Color changed electric electronically frosted glass

Color changed electric electronically frosted glass

Transmits 79% of visible light in the switched on transparent state, very high light transmission

Product Details

Electric frosted glass specification

This is one of new technology glass products which so popular .  With the function , connect to transformer ,glass can be changed to clear color and while off , glass changed to opaque . You can remote by your need to change colors .



Electronically frosted glass Features and advantages:

Transmits only 48% of visible light when in the switched off translucent state, very high opacity.

Transmits 79% of visible light in the switched on transparent state, very high light transmission

Vary voltage supply controls the light transmission level.

Flat-screen rear projection.

Vanlong smart glass has been designed and tested for internal applications.

It is advisable to use a combination of clear and grey tinted glass for projection. Enhances the clarity of projection

Special care and instructions are required during framing and electrical installation of the product.

In its transparent state a degree of haze is still apparent. It is recommended that a sample product should be viewed and the performance data be viewed.


Technology Data

Glass Material

Float glass , LOW-E glass etc

Size Spec.


6mm white glass+ PDLC +6mm white glass

Max Glass Size


Min size 110*170mm

Optical Performance

Parallel Light

Transmittance:≥ 79% (ON)

Transmittance:≤ 5%(OFF)
Visible LightTransmittance:> 83%(ON)
Transmittance:> 50%(OFF)
UV Rating Blocking≥ 100%
infrared Rating Blocking≥ 92%

Working Voltage


Input Voltage

AC220V or AC110V ,50Hz±5%



Response Time

Turn On Speed : 15MS

Turn Off Speed


Life Time Span




Working environment tem.

-20℃ ~ +70℃

Storage temperature

-30℃ ~ +60℃

Dielectric Strength

1800V/AC 1M1N

Insulation resistance



Conference rooms, Partitions, Windows and Doors, Front entranceways, Bathrooms, Projection Screen, Monitor room, Hospital, Museum, Exhibition hall, Jewelry shop, Bank, etc.

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Payment and package

We support kind of payment like L/C , T/T , Weasturn union etc


1. Wooden crates, with papers or powder between two pieces.

2. Plastic film protects glass inside crates.

3. Strong wooden crates with steel banding for export.


Our advantage :

All of our PVB glue and PDLC film raw material are imported from Japan

Our group have institute for developing product.

Super large width smart glass over 2M

About Zeelang

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Zeelang is a professional Switchable Privacy Glass supplier and manufacturer, welcome to wholesale color changed electric electronically frosted glass from our factory.

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